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AUVSI Cascade Online Networking and Webinar

Please join us to reconnect with your UAS community during our online Networking hour starting at 11am, then stay for our Webinar at 12pm with David Thirtyacre, Chair, Department of Flight, College of Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Host, Patrick Sherman of Roswell Flight Test Crew for Remote Split Operations Webinar.

Technologies Enabling Autonomy

Across the unmanned systems domains, a shared goal is the enablement and deployment of increasingly automated systems. Advancements in a broad spectrum of technologies are helping to drive new developments in autonomy including AI, machine learning, simulation and advanced sensing and vision systems. This webinar focuses on a few of the latest technologies making waves in the industry and provides insight into future tech trends.

Atul Acharya, Director of Autonomous Vehicles Strategy (Safety), AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah
Matt Scassero, Director of the University of Maryland UAS Test Site

Registration is free for all attendees.

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape Towards BVLOS Operations

Learn about the regulations affecting Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone flight and the factors involved in successfully navigating the regulatory environment to achieve a waiver. As the commercial drone industry grows there is an increasing need for drones to fly longer distances and reduce operational costs across a wide-range of industries. Join us for a discussion with aviation policy expert, Trever Linn, on what operators should expect before applying for a waiver, and the key components such as risk mitigation measures and CONOPS documentation necessary for approvals. Attendees will learn about current regulatory challenges, readily available solutions, and the path forward for BVLOS drone operations.


Trever Linn – Director of Airspace Integration, Iris Automation

Registration is free for all attendees

NASA’s Vision and Role to Enable Urban Air Mobility

NASA Aeronautics is focused on enabling the future of flight through long-term, game changing advanced research, concept exploration, and technology development. Through partnership with universities and industry, NASA has been on the front lines of enabling UAS operations – both small UAS operating at low altitude with the original invention of the UAS Traffic Management System and for large UAS operating in higher altitude airspace with definitive flight experiments to validate key standards, such as Detect and Avoid. AUVSI’s Brian Wynne will host a discussion with Mr. Pearce about his full vision for future aviation, including what the next 50 years of commercial airline travel has in store and the first 50 years of Urban Air Mobility.

Mr. Robert Pearce – Associate Administrator for ARMD, NASA
Mr. Brian Wynne – President & CEO, AUVSI (Host)

Registration is free for all attendees.

How to Scale Drone Workflows for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Operations

For industry professionals spanning across architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC)–integrating drone programs into their business operations is now a common practice. Drones bring much needed clarity to their day-to-day work, helping oversee the finer details of the project site, improve collaboration across teams, and reduce overall project costs.

ArcGIS provides a scalable, enterprise, drone operations platform for planning, processing, mapping, and analysis. For users like Skanska, organizations can do more by leveraging automation and delivering information faster to enhance the decision-making process.

Attend this webinar to learn about Esri’s Site Scan for ArcGIS with workflows that benefit Skanska, the AEC market, and other industries as a whole


Jeremiah Johnson - Business Development, Imagery - Esri

Øystein Løvoll - Survey Manager - Skanska Norway

Anders Avlesen - Geospatial Specialist - Skanska Norway


Registration is free for all attendees.

Enhancing UAS Flight Safety Through 3D Multi-Sensor Visualization

In this presentation, Kongsberg Geospatial's Paige Cutland examines how UAS flight safety for BVLOS operations can be improved by visualizing the mission using fusion of data inputs from multiple sensors to create an accurate real-time picture of the airspace. While vendors typically try to sell a single radar or sensor as a solution for flight safety or collision avoidance, the reality is that flight safety and operational confidence can be dramatically improved by integrating and examining inputs from multiple sensors. Mr. Cutland will also discuss how 3D visualization is being used to improve operator safety for fleet operations and semi-autonomous flight operations.

Paige Cutland – IRIS Program Director, Kongsberg Geospatial

Registration is free for all attendees.

Autonomous & Unmanned Systems: Market Opportunities and the Growing Influence of the Upper Midwest

Join Defense Alliance the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation and the Great Plains Chapter of AUVSI, for a free two hour informational webinar for small business.

Autonomous & Unmanned Systems (AUS) are collectively a massive global technology market, serving defense and law enforcement, climate & pollution monitoring, energy systems, farming and many other industries. The direct and supporting technologies needed include air, ground and undersea vehicles, sensor and guidance systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning. This webinar will feature an impressive group of experts who will cover market basics and major programs of this growing enterprise, point to R&D and contract opportunities, and introduce education and career

The 9th Live Demonstration, Conference & Exhibition

Conference attended by Israel’s leading figures from the military and security forces and defense industries

Live and rich display and show of numerous unmanned autonomous systems

A massive exhibition of manufacturers, integrators and subcontractors, all presenting advanced operational capabilities.

This year, the conference will be held in collaboration with the Association of Engineers and AUVSI Israel.

Conference Chairman – Col. (res.) Ofer Haruvi, an expert active in the remotely manned systems field for over 30 years.

Ground and aerial demonstrations will be conducted during the event, with focus on innovation, the integration of advanced technologies, and the exposure of dozens of startup companies.

The event will include an intense, fascinating program with the participation of officials from the leading defense industries, the military, security and law enforcement services, investors, and research centers, and will discuss the various aspects of robotic and unmanned systems advancement and development.

Target Audience

The event is a unique opportunity for professional meetings between companies in the technological and defense industries, integrators, research and development organizations and leading academic institutions, in the field of unmanned systems globally and in Israel, as well as potential customers.

Defense industry/security companies
End-users – Sea, air and ground
System integrators
Technology leaders – CEOs, VP R&D, CTOs
IT providers in infrastructure, ICT infrastructure providers
IDF and security services’ technological units
Academic researchers
Algorithm developers, software engineers and hardware engineers
Consulting firms

Major Topics

This year, we will focus on the following fields:
Operating unmanned systems at the low flying level
Security – focusing on IDF needs and response, and the multi-domain combat
Integration of unmanned systems in the urban space
Security, agriculture, and delivery applications.

A large exhibition showcasing innovative technologies in the field
A professional and comprehensive conference with a full-program plenary lectures by the leading experts
Ground and aerial demonstrations will be held at and outside the site
For more details on presentation / booth / sponsorship:

ofir@i-hls.com +972-54-6742036

yoav@i-hls.com +972-52-4881113

Accelerating Development of Edge AI

Lengthy product development cycles have always constrained Edge AI and autonomous machine design. That’s about to change. A new embedded platform from NVIDIA opens up possibilities with a suite of modules that offer better size vs. power capabilities for AI projects. Join AUVSI and Connect Tech to meet NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier™ NX, explore its best use cases, and learn how to reduce application development time by harnessing the power of this innovative embedded platform.

Barry Mullins, Director of Product Marketing, NVIDIA
Patrick Dietrich, CTO, Connect Tech Inc.

Registration is free for all attendees

Automation in Mobility – Creating a Transportation System for the Future

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) could add a new dimension to our transportation system allowing travelers to make cross-city trips in a matter of minutes versus hours, while advancements in automated vehicles and autonomous shuttles offer similar promise. During this webinar, speakers will discuss the latest developments in both spaces and explore how these systems could eventually work together offering an end-to-end automated travel experience.

Davis Hackenberg - NASA Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Mission Manager
Sokwoo Rhee - Associate Director for Cyber-Physical Systems Innovation

Registration is free for all attendees

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AUVSI's monthly print publication highlights current global developments and unveils new technologies in air, ground, maritime, robotics and space systems. The publication encompasses civil, commercial and defense markets worldwide. Unmanned Systems reaches trendsetters, influencers and thought leaders involved in the unmanned systems industry. Unmanned Systems magazine has a worldwide readership of over 27,000 and reaches a highly desirable audience of decision makers and organizations driving the industry forward. This monthly publication provides the very latest news and in-depth information in the world of unmanned systems.

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