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Automated Vehicles Symposium 2020

The Automated Vehicles Symposium convenes industry, government, and academia from around the world to address complex technology, operations, and policy issues. 1,500 thought leaders meet over 3 days to move us toward safe, automated mobility. The symposium is produced in partnership with the Transportation Research Board (TRB).



AUVSI’s webinar series brings important industry updates and innovations right to your desk. These programs address the issues that matter most to the industry including regulations, use cases and emerging topics such as counter UAS technology and autonomous vehicles.



Join more than 8,500 technologists, regulators and users at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2020 – the world’s largest conference for unmanned and autonomous technology.

Aerial Connectivity Joint Activity - Bridging the Gap Between Cellular and Aviation

Aerial cellular has garnered significant interest from both the aviation and cellular communities. However, poor coordination has led to confusion around capabilities, expectations, priorities, and standards. Aviation has difficulty understanding the capabilities of cellular, and cellular has difficulty understanding the requirements of aviation. So while the potential is clear, the path forward is not. Recent initiatives (such as ACJA, a joint activity between GSMA and GUTMA) are aimed at breaking this deadlock and providing a standards framework to enable unmanned aerial cellular. Join AUVSI and XPONENTIAL speaker, Mark Davis, to explore the latest roadmap and how to get involved.

Mark Davis – Technical Lead, ACJA

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Protecting Mobility: Known AV Vulnerability Can Exist in all Vehicles

Spoofing technology poses a significant threat to GNSS/GPS receivers — as seen in a staged attack using Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot feature. These attacks could be carried out wirelessly and remotely, exploiting security vulnerabilities in mission-critical telematics, sensor fusion, and navigation capabilities. Join AUVSI and Yonatan Zur, CEO of Regulus Cyber, to explore the security requirements for safe navigation of driverless technology.

Yonatan Zur, CEO & Co-Founder, Regulus

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AUVSI North Carolina Educational Series on Unmanned Systems

AUVSI North Carolina is excited to announce a virtual Educational Series on Unmanned Systems starting this month to provide the right education, tools, and resources to people. This series will focus on a wide range of topics and issues in #unmannedsystems, #robotics and #automation. Every session, we will invite local, national, and international experts to provide the right education and guidance.
With the present #covid19 situation, we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility to continue providing education at your convenience at no cost.

Digital Twins - the Future of Virtual and Mixed Reality Robotic Avatars

We've all had our problems with teleoperation as 21st century technology remains stuck with 20th century user interface. But that’s changing. Advances in Mixed and Virtual Reality control will lead to a UX revolution for avatar-based robotic teleoperation where the manipulation of digital twins will translate to manipulation of a robot – or robots – in the physical world. From the 10 million dollar Avatar X-prize to the 10 billion dollars the Japanese government is sinking into developing this tech, robotic avatars are about to become big business. Is your company ready?

Peter Haas – Associate Director, Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative, Brown University

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Advancing Autonomy Through DARPA Challenge to Benefit First Responders

DARPA's Subterranean (SubT) Challenge engages international teams to deploy autonomous systems – rolling, walking, flying, and floating – to remotely map, identify, and report on artifacts discovered along underground courses. With the Tunnel and Urban Circuits completed, the Cave Circuit is coming later this year with the final event in 2021. Join AUVSI and Dr. Timothy Chung of DARPA to learn about persisting challenges with robotics, how teams are succeeding in competition while advancing unmanned capabilities, and how these lessons can benefit first responders.

Dr. Timothy Chung – Program Manager, DARPA Tactical Technology Office


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Open Forum Round Table and Networking

Hello Texas unmanned systems community!

We hope you and all of your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. During times like these, it is even more important to have community events where we can (safely) get together.

While it might look a little different, this time we will be hosting our first all virtual meetup on Sunday, April 26, 2020, from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

Please grab your favorite snacks and join us for a virtual Open Forum Round Table and Networking. We plan to talk about the effects of this difficult time and how we can all pull together.

Your ideas and resources can help our frontline businesses become more resilient throughout Texas!

Those who register will receive an email on Sat., April 25th with the link information for this Sunday, April 26, 2020, online event.

Thank you and we hope you will plan on joining us!

AUVSI Lone Star Chapter

Drone Delivery Supporting Public Health

Since 2014, Zipline has been conducting drone delivery for international humanitarian operations and with the U.S. Department of Defense. Join AUVSI and XPONENTIAL Keynote Company, Zipline, to learn how that experience has evolved through the FAA Integration Pilot Program, and how those lessons are being adapted to help community healthcare partners respond to COVID-19 in the United States.

Eric Gardiner - Federal Business Development, Zipline
Eric Lasker - Federal Business Development, Zipline

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Publications and News

Unmanned Systems Magazine
AUVSI's monthly print publication highlights current global developments and unveils new technologies in air, ground, maritime, robotics and space systems. The publication encompasses civil, commercial and defense markets worldwide. Unmanned Systems reaches trendsetters, influencers and thought leaders involved in the unmanned systems industry. Unmanned Systems magazine has a worldwide readership of over 27,000 and reaches a highly desirable audience of decision makers and organizations driving the industry forward. This monthly publication provides the very latest news and in-depth information in the world of unmanned systems.

AUVSI's eBrief
AUVSI's weekly eBrief is the premier electronic newsletter in the global unmanned systems and robotics community, averaging more than 40,000 viewers.

Additional Resources
AUVSI'S Unmanned Systems and Robotics Database brings you the world's unmanned systems and robotics - past, present and prototype - in a highly searchable and user-friendly database.