A new era of commercial aviation has begun.
Fly your career to the TOP!

Set your career apart from others in the remote pilot industry and let your years of experience and professional training work for you by earning an AUVSI Trusted Operator professional certification. 


With the implementation of Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations in the United States, and similar regulatory frameworks around the world, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are transforming fundamental concepts for providing airborne services.

The AUVSI Trusted Operator ProgramTM (TOP) fills the gap between these minimally prescriptive operating regulations and a higher level of demonstrated knowledge, flight proficiency, safety and risk management practices that is expected to be valued by employers and customers of commercial UAS operators.

Earn the AUVSI TOP Certification and set your career apart from others in the remote pilot industry.

Reasons why you should earn TOP certification:

Professional Advancement: AUVSI TOP OperatorsTM stand out among other remote pilots, making you more desirable to prospective employers and giving you a competitive advantage when it comes to negotiating rates/salaries.

Recognition: As the premier industry recognition, a TOP OperatorTM designation shows that you have demonstrated a high level of experience, skill and knowledge as well as a commitment to professional development.

Demonstrated Commitment to Safety: Conveys that you are focused on operating safely.

Personal Achievement: Being awarded TOP OperatorTM Certification provides a sense of individual achievement as an experienced and skilled professional.


Download the TOP Protocol Certification Manual to learn about the different levels of certification and see if you have what it takes to be a TOP OperatorTM!


As the AUVSI Trusted Operator ProgramTM (TOP) continues to evolve and expand its reach, we are requesting input from our stakeholders on the overall program and the Protocol Certification Manual (PCM).


Find a TOP Certification Center

Find a training provider offering TOP certification near you. Students can study via classroom learning or distance learning.

TOP certified training providers are happy to advise, without obligation, so you should compare providers and ask questions to ensure they match your business needs.


Find a TOP Certification Center


Find a TOP Service Provider

Service Providers are organizations operating UAS for commercial, civil, academic, research and/or government purposes. TOP certified service providers include companies that provide turnkey UAS services or Drones-as-a-Service (DaaS), organizations that coordinate and provide remote pilots services “on-demand”, or commercial/enterprise companies performing UAS services in-house.


Find a Service Provider


Find a TOP Certified Remote Pilot

Finding the right person for your UAS flying needs is tough, but we’re here to help. These remote pilots have earned their TOP Certification and have demonstrated a higher level of knowledge, flight proficiency, safety and risk management practices that you expect and value.


Find a Remote Pilot


Be the Trainer

Think your operation has what it takes to be a TOP Certified Training Provider? AUVSI is always looking for high quality institutions that have demonstrated their commitment to remote piloting excellence to become a part of the TOP Certification process.

If you own or operate a Remote Pilot Training School or program, join the elite Certified TOP Training Providers who have qualified, upon certification by a TOP Certifying Body, to train and assess students to meet TOP protocols.

As a TOP Training Provider, you’ll help licensed remote pilots who already understand Part 107 regulations gain the knowledge they need to become TOP Certified.


View our TOP FAQ sheet.