Safety Xchange

Safety Xchange


Safety First!

AUVSI and the FAA recognize the importance of developing a ‘real-time’ next generation safety culture and safety assurance for the unmanned aircraft industry.  Now is your chance to get involved and help shape the future of commercial UAS safety practices.

Why You Should Get Involved

To operate efficiently and safely, Commercial UAS operators must have a comprehensive understanding of safety and risk management system procedures, but also be aware of the human factors, such as safety attitudes, behaviors and other influences on their operations.  

Competency based training, certification and the application of best practices are now starting to emerge as a key enabler of safety integration of UAS into the National Airspace, our communities and our industries. If safety efforts are to succeed, it is the lawmakers, the customers and the public who need to understand that the UAS industry has a robust safety culture.

Although we can build on the strengths of existing aviation safety culture, UAS are very different. They operate in vastly different, and sometimes more complex and dynamic environments. There is also an overlap between UAS and other safety cultures, such as public safety; off-shore, electrical, industrial and mining safety cultures. All of these must integrate within the professional UAS operation to establish a new generation of safety awareness, attitudes and behaviors.

How to Get Involved

Help us build a UAS safety culture and propel the commercial unmanned aircraft systems industry from solid foundations into safe and sustainable future.

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