Remote Pilots Council

Remote Pilots Council

Join the AUVSI Remote Pilots Council (RPC) to directly engage with fellow remote pilots, the FAA and other professionals within your local AUVSI chapter.

About the Remote Pilots Council

Founded in January 2017, the Remote Pilots Council works within local AUVSI Chapters to support the future of commercial UAS operations by building a culture of professionalism and trust. The RPC in your area may have separate meetings and activities in addition to the chapter’s main events. During 2019, RPC leaders in each chapter will be organizing events, workshops and outreach programs in conjunction with the FAA and the Trusted Operator Program™.

Ways the AUVSI Remote Pilots Council Supports You:

  1. Bring credibility to your business. As a member of the Remote Pilots Council, you show your clear commitment to professional operation and will gain confidence among your customers.
  2. Increase your visibility in the UAS community. Remote pilots increasingly look to AUVSI for guidance and connections, and our members gain visibility throughout the community of their peers.
  3. Participate in networking opportunities. Whether at the local or national level, RPC members have numerous networking and professional leadership development opportunities throughout the year.
  4. Gain a voice in government and with the FAA. AUVSI is the leading industry advocate, advancing regulations at the federal level and, through our chapter network, keeping our members up to date on state and local regulations, taxes, fees, and costs directed at small businesses. As an RPC member, your input will help guide our work to achieve increased efficiency and expanded operations with the FAA and in your jurisdiction.
  5. Make business contacts. A core function of AUVSI is to generate more business activity for the community. AUVSI stimulates is the leading resource to connect you with new partners and customers throughout the market.

If you are a remote pilot and want to be engaged in your community, apply now.
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Want to Fly Your Career to the TOP?

Set your operations apart from others in the remote pilot market and let your years of experience and professional development training work for you by earning an AUVSI Trusted Operator Program™ (TOP) professional certification. Learn more.