Remote Pilot Insurance

AUVSI has partnered with BWI to offer our members the most competitive rates on drone insurance.

Since 1977, BWI has been at the forefront of the aviation insurance industry striving to provide customers with the most competitive rates and top-notch service nationwide. Throughout many years in the industry, BWI has developed areas of expertise for a plethora of the aviation community’s insurance needs. From gliders to helicopters to multi-engine turbine aircraft, they insure them all!

Recently, BWI has developed exclusive insurance programs to provide their customers with even more competitive rates and the best service you can find – this includes insurance for drones. Having a good insurance plan for your drone can help you save after an accident. Whether you’re flying for business or for pleasure, BWI is the go-to aviation insurance company for drone pilots.

5 Reasons You Need Drone Insurance Today

1. Protect Your Business

An annual drone insurance policy typically includes between $500,000 to $10,000,000 of liability coverage. Why do you need this? Accidents, Distractions and Mistakes happen every day, even to the very best drone pilots. Liability Insurance covers accidents including bodily injury, property damage and provides a legal defense in the event you get sued.

2. Leverage Insurance to Get Ahead of the Competition

The drone industry is growing exponentially and so is your competition. Some of the best drone jobs will have multiple companies bidding, and most of them will have great websites, experience and good references. Having a full annual insurance policy backed by an A+ rated insurance company gives you a leg up and increases your credibility.

3. Protect Your Equipment

You’ve probably spent a good chunk of change purchasing your drone, equipment, cameras, backup equipment, etc. In the past, hull coverage for drones was not offered as the risks were viewed as too high for the insurance companies. Hull coverage is now offered by most insurance companies and is a great idea. Hull Coverage exists to protect your drone in the event of a crash, water damage and even theft. Hull Coverage offered by Global Aerospace, for example, protects your drone anywhere in the world, even if your luggage is lost while you are traveling!

4. Lock-In the Lowest Insurance Rates

With the sudden growth of the drone industry, insurance rates have fallen almost 50% in the past 2 years. This won’t last as rates have now stabilized and are predicted to rise in the near future. When you get an insurance quote, your rate is typically locked in for 90 days even if you don’t start the policy right away. It’s always a good idea to lock in low rates.

5. Annual Policies are Packed with Additional Coverages

Most annual drone insurance policies have additional coverages built into the rate that you can take advantage of. For example, annual policies from BWI include unlimited certificates of insurance. Almost every job site will require you to show proof of insurance and even name the company on your insurance certificate. Some companies charge $25-$50 per certificate and that can add up quickly. At BWI, there is no extra charge for certificates of insurance.

AUVSI Members Receive Discount

Active AUVSI members will receive a 5% discount on all Drone insurance policies in conjunction with already great rates.

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