RE2, Endeavor Team to Put Manipulator Arm on Robot Body



RE2 Robotics has teamed with Endeavor Robotics to integrate its advanced manipulator arm onto Endeavor’s robot bodies, taking advantage of the interoperability profile standard to speed the process.


The interoperability profile standard was designed to drastically reduce the integration effort needed to introduce new capabilities or payloads to robotic systems. By developing their products in compliance with it, RE2 said new capabilities can be added to existing systems faster.

“The direct benefit of IOP-compliant payloads is that it enables developers to concentrate on their specific areas of expertise. The state-of-the-art manipulation technology that RE2 develops can be easily integrated on Endeavor’s robotic platforms, quickly getting the best capabilities to the warfighter,” says Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO of Pittsburgh-based RE2 Robotics.  

Endeavor Robotics is the former military robotics side of Bedford, Massachusetts-based iRobot.

“We believe that robot evolution depends upon collaboration between industry leaders and government and their joint ability to work and leverage open architectures,” says Sean Bielat, CEO of Endeavor Robotics. “By incorporating IOP into our products, we are able to quickly integrate the best technology available and deliver next-generation systems to our customers on the front line.”

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