Phase One and SimActive Announce Integrated Software Solution for Aerial Imaging



Digital surface map created by SimActive’s Correlator3D software. Image: SimActive.

Phase One Industrial, a manufacturer of medium-format aerial photography equipment, and SimActive Inc., developer of photogrammetry software, announced an integrated software solution for aerial photogrammetry projects combining metadata from Phase One cameras into SimActive’s Correlator3D software.  

Correlator3D version 6.1 can read and process Global Positioning System and inertial measurement unit information directly from Phase One cameras’ image files.

“With out integrated solution, users can take images directly from the Phase One system and import them into Correlator3D,” says SimActive President Philippe Simard. “With the GPS/IMU data automatically extracted from the metadata, users avoid having to import the information separately, ensuring the utmost efficiency and accuracy.”

SimActive’s software can also use system information from Phase One cameras, including sensor pixel size and lens focal length. This reduces the need for extra file processing, according to the companies’ press release.

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