Osprey On Board to Work With Zephyr-S Development



Airbus’ Zephyr-S program, also known as the High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS), has tapped United Kingdom-based Osprey Consulting Services to help with safety and regulations.

“This is an exciting project for Osprey, and exactly what we enjoy doing. Zephyr launches in a similar way to powered aircraft, has the performance characteristics of a sailplane, can operate globally but endures like a satellite — as such it challenges many aspects of conventional aviation concepts and thinking,” says Richard Connelly, Osprey’s Director Strategy and Capability Development.

Osprey will work to make sure the new HAPS can operate in international airspace, without any issues.

Connelly says, “Imaginative and innovative approaches are required to address unique regulatory, safety and airspace challenges. Osprey’s extensive understanding of international unmanned aircraft systems and airspace regulations, combined with our award-winning approach to delivering innovative safety solutions, makes us an ideal partner to support Airbus in developing this incredible platform.”

Zephyr-S will be solar powered and responsible for collecting data over larger areas and with more detail than any other UAS before. The plan is to offer this new UAS a substitution to the more expensive, traditional satellite option

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