Onerous California Bill Headed to Governor Brown



SB 142, introduced by Sen. Jackson passed the General Assembly 56-13 on 24 August and the Senate 21-12 on 27 August. SB 142 would effectively create a no-fly zone for unmanned aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems of 350 feet over private property in California.  The protected zone would extend from the ground up and into the airspace above the property, to an elevation of 350 feet above the property.  Sen. Jackson states that it is her intent to "clarify that the operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle below 350 feet overlying the property of another without permission could constitute a trespass."


AUVSI sent letters of opposition to members of the General Assembly and the Senate prior to each vote and made a strong grassroots push with our California members, encouraging them to contact their state elected officials and request they oppose SB 142. Additionally, AUVSI issued statements after both floor votes and we are now focusing our efforts on seeking a veto from Gov. Brown. AUVSI has provided tools for stakeholders to email or tweet Gov. Brown and will be meeting with the Governor’s staff in the coming days. Gov. Brown has until 11 September to act on SB 142.

We encourage all California residents to use our online tool to email or tweet Gov. Brown urging him to veto SB 142 at