New Navy Sub Successfully Deploys Unmanned Underwater Vehicle



The USS North Dakota. Photo: U.S. Navy.

A Navy submarine successfully deployed and retrieved an unmanned underwater vehicle during exercises in the Mediterranean, the U.S. Navy has announced.

The USS North Dakota deployed and retrieved the REMUS 600 vehicle from its dry deck shelter during a six-week mission that came before the new submarine completed its post shakedown availability, a period of testing and evaluation. Only three other submarines, all in the Virginia class, have deployed and retrieved underwater vehicles.

“The timing with USS North Dakota’s schedule, along with its highly trained and certified crew, made it the optimal choice to conduct this mission,” says Capt. Jim Waters, commander of Submarine Squadron 4. “The mission completed by North Dakota also demonstrated the promising and emerging technology of UUVs within the submarine force.”

The USS North Dakota was christened in late 2013 and is the first Block III sub of the Virginia class. It is designed to operate both in littoral and deep-ocean environments.

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