Membership Policies

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Membership Policies

AUVSI retains the right to amend its membership categories, features, and criteria at its sole discretion, without prior notice, at any time.  However, any details of such amendments will be posted on the AUVSI Website and communicated directly to all affected members.


Applying for Membership

By submitting an application for membership, organizational, individual, and student members agree to adhere to these Membership Terms and Conditions and the bylaws of AUVSI. AUVSI reserves the right not to fulfill or to cancel a membership application at any time prior to the effective date of the membership. 

Payment of membership dues is required at the time the application is submitted. Membership will be activated once the full dues amount is received.

Members will have access to all membership benefits applicable to their category. Not more than one employee or other representative of any organization may be elected or appointed to the voting membership of the board of directors or any committee. This limitation of one voting seat per organization includes any subsidiary or related entity wholly owned or otherwise directly controlled by an organization with a voting seat.


Deductibility of Dues

Membership dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for U.S. federal income tax purposes but may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses except that, under IRC section 162(e), a certain percentage of the annual dues are normally not deductible. Any such nondeductible amount will be shown on current membership applications and dues payment invoices.


Member Privacy of Information

AUVSI’S privacy policy can be found here. As a member benefit, AUVSI may send you important information about legislative activities, your membership status, benefits or upcoming events. Members may opt out of messaging in their member profile on with the exception of transactional emails including, but not limited to, dues renewal and payment confirmations. A request for personal data removal under relevant laws will terminate any active membership, with no refund of any payments made to AUVSI.


Membership Term

AUVSI membership runs on an anniversary basis. In advance of the date your membership will expire, you will receive notifications via email and postal mail with a request for payment of the membership fee.  You will continue to receive notices until such a time that you complete your renewal or your membership expires. 


Termination of Membership

Membership may be cancelled at any time by writing to AUVSI at Any membership dues paid are not refundable upon cancellation and may not be applied to any future application for membership or other AUVSI product or service. AUVSI membership may not be transferred to another entity or person.

AUVSI membership may be suspended or terminated if your dues payment is not received within ten (10) days after the membership expiration date. 


Refund of Membership Fees or Other Payments

Once the membership application and payment have been processed by AUVSI, resulting in benefits being administered to the member, there will be no refund or reimbursement of the membership dues payment. AUVSI will not refund any fees for any preceding period or the remainder of the current membership term after termination of membership. Payments are not exchangeable, transferable, and may not be applied as credit to other products or services now or in the future, or toward past debts. This applies to all forms of payment whether online, paper, or otherwise paid for with a credit card, check, cash, or wire transfer.

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