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AUVSI is a community of unmanned systems innovators and leaders. AUVSI membership gives you unparalleled access to information, resources and connections that will help you land internships and launch a career with leading tech companies.

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Now it’s easier than ever to target the largest unmanned systems and robotics companies. As an AUVSI member, you’ll have full access to the AUVSI Career Center to identify and target the leading names in robotics, unmanned systems and engineering. You can even use it to identify job opportunities. See all listings here and take the first step in building your career.




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RoboNation is an open community of tech gurus, pacesetters, inventors and visionaries that are developing innovative solutions in the field of unmanned systems technology. With this experience, RoboNation students are landing internships and careers with well-known tech companies. The RoboNation experience provides:

  • Real-world environments to showcase technical capabilities & creativity
  • Venue to prove project management and teamwork skills
  • Networking with hiring managers, industry leaders, product developers and peer leaders
  • Access to discounted/free software and hardware
  • Pathway to building a skill-set and knowledge base preferred by the industry’s top companies

Join a RoboNation competition team and showcase your skills while building a network with leading pros in the robotics field. No RoboNation team at your school? Start your own! Learn more about RoboNation.


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Get involved in an AUVSI Student Chapter to gain experience in the industry, receive guidance from working professionals in the Chapter and beyond, and uphold AUVSI’s core values of education, safety and security, integrity, and innovation.

You’ll also receive access to:

  • Emerging trends, data and information to understand where the industry is headed including our reports, news pages, and daily and weekly eBriefs
  • Networking opportunities with industry pros already established in the unmanned systems industry
  • Member rates for registration to AUVSI Events: AUVSI XPONENTIAL and Unmanned Systems – Defense. Protection. Security.
  • AUVSI’s monthly webinar series and archives highlighting the hottest trends in unmanned systems
  • Member rates to use the Unmanned Systems and Robotics Database, the most extensive database in the unmanned systems industry


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