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What role do you see your organization playing in the industry's future? 

Automated Vehicles (AVs) are the future of transportation, and blockchain technology is the future of our economy. The combination of these two technologies offers an unprecedented opportunity for democratized, decentralized global transportation. DAV Foundation is developing an open source platform to enable AVs to communicate, cooperate, and transact with one another. We want to work with AUVSI member organizations to hasten commercially sustainable market conditions and to integrate their unique AV technologies and services into the DAV ecosystem. 

What do you see as major challenges to the unmanned systems industry?

The inability of AVs to cooperate with one another -- not just communicate but actively work together to meet transportation needs -- is significantly slowing the pace of industry growth. Cooperation, rather than proprietary platforms, will help bridge the gaps where the capabilities (technology, load bearing capacity, battery capacity, etc.) of one vehicle end and another begin.

What's the technology or business practice that you're most excited about?

Blockchain technology, which is the basis for decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, offers incredible opportunities for the AV industry. By applying blockchain technology to create a decentralized, open source platform, AV companies can focus on optimizing and perfecting the AV technology itself, rather than worrying about whose platform will dominate the market. A free, open source platform will benefit every participant in the AV industry. 

What's your organization's focus over the next three months?

DAV Foundation is focusing on building out the decentralized platform by collaborating with developers all over the world. At the same time, we’re growing our community of partners (AV businesses and enthusiasts) who will be the first to put the platform to use in practice. The platform is free to join and use -- no fees, ever. We invite anyone who is curious about the project and would like to get involved to contact us!

What makes AUVSI membership attractive to your organization?

DAV is a nonprofit foundation working to promote autonomous vehicle technology and to foster AV-supportive market conditions by applying the power of blockchain technology. Membership in AUVSI keeps us up to date on industry developments and connected to the people and organizations that we are seeking to assist.


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