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Describe your company in five words.

Building autonomous technology for boats  

Where do you see the industry going in the next decade?

Without a doubt, the autonomy field will expand exponentially in the next decade, especially within the transportation, aviation, marine and government sectors. The technology will become embedded in everyday life. At some point, we won’t remember how society functioned without autonomous command and control systems. 

What role do you see your organization playing in the industry's future?

Sea Machines’ technology will revolutionize the marine and maritime sectors. This space is likely to adopt autonomous technology faster than other industries – including roadway transportation – so we’ll be setting the stage for its use in other areas. We’re working on several commercial products that will be released to market this year, and pilot programs are proving their value in terms of cost, efficiency, risk and safety. 

What do you see as major challenges to the unmanned systems industry?

Sea Machines recognizes that it will take persistence to explain and prove the use cases and benefits of autonomous workboats. It’s a challenge to break through years of traditional work flows of the marine industry, however there is a new breed of sailor today that is keen to electrify and automate processes. 

Tell us something fun about your company that people might not know.

Sea Machines’ Boston headquarters is positioned on the very location that in the mid-19th century the infamous Donald McKay built the mighty clipper ships, such as the FLYING CLOUD and GREAT REPUBLIC. The clipper ships were the pinnacle of human technology in the 1840s and we are proud to be revolutionizing the marine sectors from the very same waterfront. 

What makes AUVSI membership attractive to your organization?

Sea Machines joined AUSVI because of our shared interest in the advancement of autonomous, unmanned systems and robotics across a variety of industries, including the marine sector. As a leader in pioneering autonomous control and advanced perception systems for the marine and maritime industries, we have a mission of propelling these sectors forward with 21st century technology. We look forward to connecting with like-minded individuals who share our vision for the future.  


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