Member Spotlight




Describe your company in five words.

Multi-sided marketplace for drone content

What's the most exciting industry development that you see coming up?

The realized utility of autonomous drones being accessed, rented, and programmed with flight missions at Independent Drone Hub Pods across the country. 

What are your biggest goals in the field of unmanned systems over the next few years?

Relieve data management disparateness by scaling the good practices of content stewardship. This allows us to pursue our mantra for AegisFlow: Connect people to pilots. 

Where do you see the industry going in the next decade?

The drone-services industry will force a workflow evolution to virtually all other industries across the globe. Just two examples of many, you'll see expedited and wholly fulfilled maintenance requests in oil & gas, energy, and mining as well as faster (and more accurate) payouts from insurance companies after an event (e.g. hail damage for rooftops or row crops and large-scale natural disasters).

What makes AUVSI membership attractive to your organization?

Any group that is taking the stance on certification, competency training, and the promotion of white hat values has our vote of approval and we would like to be there moving this industry along, side-by-side with AUVSI. 


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