Logos Technologies and Insitu Conduct First Flight of Integrator Tactical UAS Equipped With Redkite Wide-Area Sensor



Logos Technologies and Insitu have announced that in early February, the two companies successfully conducted an initial flight test of the Integrator small tactical UAS, equipped with the Redkite wide-area sensor.

The test, which was conducted in Boardman, Oregon, was the first time that a wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system has been transported on a small UAS through its internal payload bay. 

“Integrator with Redkite will enable an even broader set of missions and keep our warfighters out of harm’s way," says Insitu’s chief technology officer Pete Kunz.

Weighing in at less than 30 pounds, the Redkite is capable of detecting, tracking and recording all significant movers within a city-sized area (over 12 square kilometers) that it is imaging. While the sensor is flying, multiple users on the ground can use desktop screens, tablets and other mobile devices to view real-time and/or historical video feeds from the sensor’s coverage area.

In total, up to 10 unique views can be transmitted by the Redkite to hundreds of users at one time. The Redkite also has the ability to store up to eight hours of geo-tagged mission data through its onboard solid state drives (SSDs).

Logos Technologies President John Marion says, “in the past, we’ve mounted podded versions of our lightweight WAMI systems to rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft.”

“Now, thanks to further reductions in weight, we can easily fit a Redkite inside a tactical unmanned platform, as demonstrated with our recent flights on the Insitu Integrator.”

From Feb. 19-23, Logos Technologies will debut a full-size model of the new internal payload version of Redkite. The debut will take place at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) 2017, which takes place in Abu Dhabi.

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Photo Courtesy of Logos Technologies

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