Intel Unveils Plans for Responsive Retail Platform for Autonomous Data Collection in Stores



Intel has announced its plans to create a Responsive Retail Platform (Intel RRP), which is meant to, among many things, personalize a person’s experience while they are shopping inside of a store. The platform will also speed up the process for inventory tracking, and give employees of a store access to information such as buying habits of shoppers.

To accomplish its goals, Intel will invest $100 million in the retail industry over the next five years to integrate its platform into stores.

The platform, according to Intel President Brian Krzanich, will be the company’s response to a lack of data, as it is more difficult presently to track information from in store shopping experiences compared to online shopping.

“Until now, detailed shopper data was only available to online storefronts,” Krzanich says in a company blog post.

“At Intel, we believe that increasingly retailers will be separated by those who have data and use it to grow and optimize the shopping experience, and those who don’t and make their decisions based on “experience” and subjective observations.”

While Intel does not have a concrete platform available as of yet to carry out its objective, Krzanich believes that Simbe Robotics’ Tally platform could be the answer. The Tally, which is the world’s first autonomous platform for shelf auditing and analytics specifically for retail, provides retail workers with up to date information on a store's products to make sure that they are always stocked, in the correct place and have the proper price tag.

During NRF’s “Retail Big Show,” Krzanich showcased the Tally, which is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor-based Intel NUC, and is also equipped with several Intel RealSense cameras to help it see and move around the store.

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