White Settlement Independent School District in Texas adopts USI’ UAS curriculum



White Settlement Independent School District has become the first Texas school district to adopt the Unmanned Safety Institute’s (USI) UAS curriculum, which is made up of four college-equivalent courses, and totals more than 150 hours of instruction.

“We congratulate White Settlement ISD for leading the way in Texas with USI drone curriculum,” says Aaron Greenwald, President of Unmanned Safety Institute.

“Embracing Unmanned Safety Institute curriculum will help students access valuable education within the aviation field. White Settlement is an important component in creating a pathway for students to access this curriculum.”

USI’s program includes course content packaged in USI’s digital Learning Management System, a supplemental workbook and instructor aids.

Students who successfully complete the program can take USI’s credentialing exam, which leads to the Small UAS Safety Certification.

The Small UAS Safety Certification is an “industry certification demonstrating expertise in the safe and professional application of remotely piloted aircraft,” and shows that its recipients are extremely qualified for careers in the UAS industry.

“Our kids must be technically skilled and highly educated so they can be competitive and marketable at both the local and national levels when they graduate,” says Superintendent Frank Molinar.

“We are thrilled that our students will now have the opportunity to utilize the Unmanned Safety Institute’s Drone Curriculum and be exposed to such an amazing program.”

USI’s education program, which is in its third year, has been especially successful in Florida; so much so that it has achieved statewide articulation with the Department of Education.

The program educates more than 2,500 students in over 100 high schools, and continues to expand to schools not just in the United States, but in other countries across the world.