Weekend Roundup



This Week in the Unmanned Systems and Robotics World

UAS users in the city of Haysville, Kansas will now be able to launch and land their aircraft in all of the city’s parks, thanks to a new UAS-use policy implemented this week. According to Haysville Chief Administrative Officer Will Black, this is the first time that UAS will be permitted to fly above public property. (KMUW)

Velodyne LiDAR Inc., which develops 3D vision systems for autonomous vehicles, has announced a partnership with electronics manufacturer YellowScan. Through the partnership, Velodyne’s VLP-16 Puck and VLP-16 Puck LITE LiDAR sensors will be integrated into YellowScan’s Surveyor, which will result in a “turn-key and reliable LiDAR system” for challenging UAS applications. (Business Wire)

A Munich, Germany-based company called Blickfeld, which has developed and showcased a unique light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology that is based only on commercial off-the-shelf and silicon components, has raised $4.25 million through a seed financing round. The company says that its technology meets high automotive performance requirements, and can be manufactured in low-cost mass fabrication. (Blickfeld)

In Zhuzhou, China, the world’s first driverless Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit system has started a test run in Central China’s Hunan province. The electric vehicles, which were developed by the research arm of a manufacturing company called CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive, run on an urban transport system known as an Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit, which has been described as a “cross between a bus, train and tram.” (English.gov.cn)

Glenheim Venture Capital Company’s Section 12J fund has made its first direct investment, by investing $499,000 in UAV Industries, a Cape Town, South Africa-based UAS operator. UAV Industries, which has seen 300% “year-on-year growth off the back of a multi-million rand turnover,” offers UAS training and leasing services. (Disrupt Africa)

Katoen Natie, which is a Belgian industrial logistics firm, has begun transporting products within Exxon Mobil's premises in Singapore using a driverless truck. The truck is used to carry polymer resin products from a packaging facility to a warehouse at Exxon Mobil's manufacturing plant on Jurong Island. (Bangkok Post)

Microdrones has released its mdTector1000 CH4, which is a fully integrated aerial methane inspection package. Equipped with a Pergam gas sensor, mounted and integrated with the Microdrones md4-1000 UAV, the mdTector1000 CH4 allows users to see aerial shots, in real time, of what they are detecting with the laser sensor. (Microdrones)

Vodafone Group’s New Technologies and Innovation team has been conducting tests with the Tethered UAV station of Elistair, in an effort to provide 4G coverage in areas that don’t have it. A UAS tethered to the Safe-T or Ligh-T station, that is equipped with a network device, can fly for hours and offer coverage without the risk of interferences in the network or loss of the UAS. (Elistair)