Voyage selects Renovo's AWare as platform for developing its autonomous driving technology



Voyage has announced that it has selected Renovo’s AWare as the platform for developing its autonomous driving technology.

Built from the ground-up with Level 4, driverless applications in mind, AWare allows Voyage to focus on building autonomous driving technology for its communities, thanks to AWare’s features, from “real-time execution of safety-critical operations, to a growing ecosystem of drop-in partner integrations.”

“Renovo shares our belief that the future of autonomy requires the ability to easily and safely integrate the best functionality on the market,” Voyage says on its website.

According to Voyage, Renovo delivers a “critical layer between the vehicle and Voyage’s autonomous driving software,” as it provides “programmatic access” to the vehicle’s sensors, safety systems, and motion control mechanisms.

Additionally, Renovo not only delivers “enhanced functionality designed specifically for Level 4 applications,” but it also “exposes a safety architecture and partner ecosystem” that gives Voyage the confidence that its autonomous driving technology will run safely, reliably, and with the best tools on the market.

Being that Renovo was designed from the ground-up to support truly driverless use cases, AWare has several significant safety features that make it unique, including “real-time execution of safety-critical procedures; architectural flexibility to support redundancies in power and compute; and system diagnostics and configurable fault handling.”

In addition to these features, the Renovo team has a plethora of industry experience in delivering “safe, high-performance electric and autonomous systems,” which makes them a “strong validation resource” as Voyage implements its own system-level safety redundancies.

With a strong shared focus in safety, Renovo has agreed to join Voyage in the development of the company’s Open Autonomous Safety (OAS) initiative.

“We’re excited to bring them on as an official partner!” Voyage says.

AWare simplifies the development of building autonomous vehicles

AWare simplifies the development of building autonomous vehicles by providing “high-quality, production-ready middleware” that address the common infrastructure needs of autonomous systems.

AWare provides a number of capabilities, including “robust intra-service messaging; automatic, configurable telemetry, logging, and local storage; and vehicle-specific deployment configurations.”

Voyage notes that Renovo has also done “fantastic work” to help Voyage intelligently off-load and store data when Voyage’s vehicles return to base each night. Renovo’s data layer supports a query interface that ensures that Voyage captures the most important data from the day, without unnecessarily waiting to off-load terabytes of redundant data from each vehicle.

Voyage says that it is actively integrating AWare, adding that it will be rolling it into production as part of the release of its G2 autonomous vehicle.