Victoria Police establishes Drone Unit



Australia’s Victoria Police has established a new Drone Unit, which will provide the agency with the ability to use UAS for various tasks across the state.

The central point for the agency’s UAS services will be the police aviation unit of the Victoria Police, the Police Air Wing. Police Air Wing will manage the UAS, and provide training to other units.

The Drone Unit will look to “progressively” train officers from specialist units like the Operations Response Unit, as well as the Search and Rescue unit. The Drone Unit will also train regional officers so that they can provide their own localized basic UAS services.

“The introduction of this unit is expected to enhance the work our police do every day, from attending crimes scenes, managing emergency situations, public order management, search and rescue and situational awareness,” says Inspector Craig Shepherd.

“The drones we plan to use will have a 24/7 ability, with high end technology allowing for both day and night camera vision.”

Over the next 12 months, Victoria Police would like to acquire up to 50 UAS to be used by the new Drone Unit, as well as specialist areas and regional officers.

The Drone Unit is expected to be fully established by the end of August.

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