Velodyne LiDAR Inc. to integrate its LiDAR sensors into BoE Systems' UAV fleet



Through a new partnership with Kansas City, Missouri-based BoE Systems, Velodyne LiDAR Inc. will integrate its VLP-16 Puck and Puck LITE 3D LiDAR sensors into BoE Systems’ UAV fleet for geospatial data collection and analysis.

The companies say that through this integration, BoE Systems can provide full 360-degree imaging of geography and equipment for industries that need quick, safe, and accurate aerial inspections, such as transportation, construction and agriculture, to name a few.

After collecting imaging data, BoE Systems processes that data, and works with customers for “tailored analysis and inspection reports,” which allows them to address immediate and future needs and compliance issues.

Also, the proprietary hardware and software integrations of BoE Systems provide digital maps with enough detail that allows for the development of extremely accurate flood models, drainage analysis, Building Information Modeling (BIM), contour mapping, and more.

Both companies are more than satisfied with this new partnership.

“BoE Systems’ hardware and software integrations leverage cutting edge technology like Velodyne’s VLP-16 LiDAR sensors to produce highly accurate 3-dimensional environmental models for industry professionals,” says Jason Littrell, President, BoE Systems.

“Those professionals appreciate that our systems can do the job quickly, safely, accurately, and without breaking the bank.”

Mike Jellen, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Velodyne LiDAR, adds, “UAV mapping is a nascent industry that has quickly evolved with the adoption of LiDAR sensor technology.

“With BoE Systems’ integration of Velodyne’s advanced VLP-16 Puck and Puck LITE sensors, the result is an incredibly valuable service that quickly and accurately maps geography and equipment to save customers critical man-hours, cost, and effort.”