UAVOS uses UAV to inspect oil refinery in Kazakhstan



UAVOS Inc. has announced that it completed an aerial inspection of the refinery production infrastructure in Kazakhstan—located in Eastern Europe—using an unmanned complex based on the UVH-29E gasoline-powered helicopter.

Equipped with a gyro-stabilized platform with a FullHD day camera, the UAV completed all of its objectives, including the monitoring task with a simultaneous real time video image transmitting, and it also performed a survey of the flare units.

“It is one of our first projects in Eastern Europe to replace traditional methods of inspection in the oil and gas and energy sectors with robotic technologies,” says Vadim Tarasov.

“Our projects are intended to help our Customers with enhanced safety of inspection works, to reduce the budget, and to improving the quality of inspection of industrial territories.”

Oil production, storage and refining facilities were all inspected using the UAV, and that inspection was “made for online examination of the production area at the strategic facility in the oil and gas industry.”

Dangerous objects were captured on video from a safe distance using an optoelectronic video surveillance system installed on a gyro-stabilized biaxial rotary platform, to transmit in real-time directly from the UAV the general video stream, as well as the detailing of objects.

UAVOS developed the GSG-101 payload specifically for monitoring, searching and high precision navigation. The payload includes a FullHD camera with 30x optical zoom for daytime video surveillance. The accuracy of the position measurements is 23-66 feet from a height of 1640 feet, with the angle of elevation of the camera of 15-20 degrees.

All of these capabilities made this unmanned helicopter ideal for this project, but other features of the helicopter, such as its operating time, which is more than three hours, its ability to perform a mission with gusts of wind up to 34 miles per hour, and its ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures, also made this aircraft ideal for this project as well.