UAVOS introduces new VTOL UAV



During the UMEX conference in Abu Dhabi, UAVOS Inc. is introducing “«SURVEYOR-H» Unmanned Aerial System with «UVH-290E» drone vertical takeoff/landing.”

In the “tractor” modification, the new unmanned helicopter has a takeoff weight of 192 pounds. UAVOS says that the UAV is designed so that parameters such as durability, extended operation life, ease of use and serviceability have a priority over flight time and load capacity of UAVs.

The multi-purpose unmanned UVH-290E helicopter is the “newest modification of UAVOS helicopters with a gasoline rotary engine” according to UAVOS, and the company says that compared to the previous version, the “telemetry of helicopter state parameters” has been expanded, allowing for control of the basic parameters in flight, which contributes to the increased reliability and safety.

The UAV has a flying range of 249 miles, a practical ceiling of 6800 feet, and a flight time of five hours with a payload of 11 pounds. UAVOS adds that the efficiency of using the aircraft in difficult climatic conditions with a wide temperature range has also been increased.

“The technical architecture of the new VTOL was designed by taking into account the experience of commercial use of helicopters with different target payloads,” says Vadim Tarasov, UAVOS investor and board member.

“The new UAV embodies a whole range of design features that enhance the strength and operational survivability of the machine. So, the construction of the unmanned vehicle was strengthened. The helicopter has a completely aluminum framework without the presence of hobby components.”

UAVOS says that its complex “implements retransmission of data on the command line,” which greatly increases the area of safe operation of the complex. Thanks to the EW countermeasure function, it’s possible to conduct research in the “conditions of jamming of satellite radio navigation signals and the command line channel.”

​A target payload with a 4K day camera, thermal camera and laser rangefinder are designed for the new helicopter. The gyro-stabilized suspension weighs 81 pounds, and its gimbal includes a computer for processing video on board, capturing and tracking targets, recording data and automatic guidance.

According to UAVOS, the unmanned UVH-290E helicopter is “positioned as a multifunctional aircraft” that is capable of performing a variety of tasks including research missions, as well as the delivery of cargo weighing up to 20 kg, in hard-to-reach areas.

“The main objective of upgrading our VTOLs fleet is to enhance the reliability of equipment, and to increase the resource and to simplify operation for the personnel,” Tarasov says.

“In particular, the new version of the petrol helicopter has an automatic starter generator, an easily assembled structure for the convenience of transportation, and a power scheme has been updated for redundancy of some systems.”