UAS tech company Vigilant Aerospace receives investment from The Flying Object



Vigilant Aerospace, which has a product called FlightHorizon for UAS pilots, autopilots and airspace managers, has announced a new investment from The Flying Object (TFO), which is a global venture fund focused on the commercial UAS industry.

​Managed by the global investment firm Kluz Ventures, TFO invests in UAS technology and service companies that are leading the industry.

“We are delighted to have the support and involvement of The Flying Object in Vigilant Aerospace and look forward to cooperation in bringing our industry-leading safety technology to an increasing number of ambitious commercial unmanned aircraft operations both in the US and internationally,” says Kraettli L. Epperson, CEO and co-founder of Vigilant Aerospace.

Vigilant Aerospace's FlightHorizon is a complete situational awareness and detect-and-avoid system for individual UAS pilots, autopilots and airspace managers.

By integrating data from a variety of sources such as aviation transponders, and airborne and ground-based radar, the system provides airspace visualization, air traffic warnings and autonomous avoidance commands.

The system is based on an exclusively licensed NASA patent and prototype that has undergone extensive flight testing. Right now, it is in commercial test flights with select customers.

“Vigilant Aerospace is in a unique position to fill an important technical gap in the unmanned aerial systems market by delivering reliable, well-tested detect-and-avoid solutions for a range of aircraft and operations,” comments Artur Kluz, Managing Partner of Kluz Ventures.

“We are excited to add this company to our investment portfolio, which is made up of the emerging drone technology companies that are making a significant impact on this rapidly growing industry.”

​Other UAS technology and service companies that TFO has invested in include Kittyhawk and Measure.