TomTom launches new product to ensure safe automated driving operations

TomTom (TOM2) has launched a new product for automated vehicles called TomTom RoadCheck that allows carmakers to decide where it is safe for drivers to activate their vehicles’ automated driving functions.

TOM2 notes in certain instances such as during periods of adverse weather, in tunnels, and in changing environments, automated driving operations might not be safe. In these instances, RoadCheck enables carmakers to define the operational design domain (ODD) of their vehicles’ automated driving functions using TomTom’s high definition (HD) map data, which gives carmakers the ability to manage where these functions can be used safely.

“By enabling carmakers to control where automated driving functions can be activated, TomTom is addressing a critical industry challenge that has been highlighted by our partners and customers,” explains Willem Strijbosch, head of Autonomous Driving at TomTom.

“TomTom RoadCheck – an industry first technology – will make safe autonomous driving a reality sooner.”

TomTom RoadCheck is the latest edition to TomTom’s vehicle automation portfolio, which also includes the TomTom HD Map, the TomTom ADAS Map, a hazard service, TomTom AutoStream and TomTom Vehicle Horizon.

TomTom says that RoadCheck will be deployed in a production model by a leading global carmaker in 2021, starting in the United States.

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