Survae's digital asset management platform now connected to C-2i Innovations' autonomous amphibious robot



Survae and autonomous amphibious robots' developer C-2i Innovations have announced that Survae’s digital asset management platform is now connected to C-2i’s Sea Otter device, which is used for all-weather inspection, sampling and mapping of shore and water regions, from oceans and harbors to rivers, estuaries, marshes and tailing ponds.

The Sea Otter, which is portable and deployable from beaches and small boats, provides persistent sensing where UUVs and ROVs cannot, the companies say. Operating up to 10 miles from shore, the Sea Otter is highly maneuverable, and in a single deployment it can cover multiple stations, providing versatile station keeping for up to five months in all weather/all season situations.

The Sea Otter is designed for a number of uses, including but not limited to sensing, sampling and search and rescue, and it operates autonomously or with real-time remote control. In addition, “high sea-state capability and shore-side self-deployment and recovery” open the window for persistent, long duration high fidelity sampling, mapping and inspection.

“Survae is excited to partner with C-2i to enable an end-to-end solution for visualizing and mapping the imagery and sensor data collected by C-2i’s innovative autonomous devices,” says Eric Hesterman, CEO of Survae.

Imagery and sensor data captured with the Sea Otter is easily imported into the Survae platform. Video and images are automatically connected to the map, showing the Sea Otter's recorded route and location at all times. Every frame of imagery is geolocated, date and time stamped.

Sensor data collected by the Sea Otter is “automatically visualized and connected” to associated imagery, maps and a timeline.

Thanks to Survae’s powerful geospatial search capabilities, Sea Otter clients can easily find events, places, and objects in their archived data, filterable by location, date, time, tags, viewpoint, using their own maps.

“The Survae solution simplifies tracking where the data came from and simplifies interpretation in such an understandable fashion that nontechnical personnel can now create their own hypothesis,” says Arnis Mangolds, President of C-2i.

“The combination of the Sea Otter's capabilities and Survae’s data presentation will enhance research and public acceptance by leaps and bounds.”