Riptide announces expansion of UUV payload options



Riptide Autonomous Solutions says that the ease of integration of payloads into its product line of UUVs “has been a key value proposition for diverse customers,” and this flexibility was recently demonstrated by the quick integration of a new sonar and a WiFi data system.

Recently, Riptide took part in a US SOCOM effort to evaluate diver assistance aids. During this program, a Klein 3500 Combined Side Scan and Interferometric Sonar was integrated into a Riptide 1MP 1 Man Portable 7.5” (190mm) diameter UUV/AUV in less than four working days. Successful field demonstrations followed this quick integration.

According to Riptide, the Klein 3500 is an “excellent example” of the high-performance sensors that can be easily integrated onto the Riptide UUV/AUV platforms. The 3500’s combined data set has been shown to increase the Probability of Detection (Pd) for small and difficult targets, ultimately providing a solid alternative to the size and complexity of a Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS).

In a second situation, Riptide was provided with a µUUV payload section that contained an underwater WIFI sensor installed by the instrument manufacturer. After Riptide added nose and tail sections to the payload section, which was produced by a third party, the vehicle completed demonstrations of the underwater WIFI in a pool, as well as offshore operating environments.

Both of these demonstrations showcased how Riptide’s vehicles have been designed specifically for ease in payload integration. This flexibility allows custom payload section lengths to suit specific sensors, as well as increasing payload section diameters through using various vehicles in the product line.

The vehicles that benefit from this payload flexibility in Riptide’s current product line include the µUUV, an “A” sized 4.875” (124mm) diameter UUV, the 1MP One Man Portable UUV and the 2 MP Two Man Portable 9.375” (238mm) diameter UUV.