RADA receives $4 million in radar orders; company's radars can be used for counter UAS tech



RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. has announced that during the second quarter, it received $4 million in radar orders.

The orders were for the company’s software-defined radars, and will be used in “today’s most advanced defense applications,” RADA says, including active protection systems (APS) for armored vehicles, counter rocket artillery and mortar (C-RAM), counter UAS and short range air defense (SHORAD).

According to RADA, a third of the orders were follow-on-sales from existing customers, while the remaining orders were from “new and highly strategic customers,” such as leading defense organizations. Additionally, these orders represent initial sales from which RADA expects further follow-on orders in the future.

“Our leading radar technologies are gaining increased traction and these recent orders are the initial fruits of our newly established presence in the United States along with our global business development efforts,” says Dov Sella, RADA’s CEO.

“We expect the sales of our radars to accelerate in the coming quarters as the market becomes increasingly aware of the benefits of our products in providing solutions for emerging needs.”