Persistent Systems and Hoverfly announce partnership; Hoverfly joins Wave Relay Ecosystem

Persistent Systems and tethered-UAS manufacturer Hoverfly Technologies Inc. have entered into a five-year agreement.

Hoverfly will join the recently launched Wave Relay Ecosystem, which is an alliance of unmanned systems and sensor companies working together to deliver a “true networked battlefield to warfighters.”

Hoverfly’s tether-powered small UAS, the LiveSky and the BigSky, will both be part of the Ecosystem, and the Wave Relay MANET will be offered as the standard communication link.

“We are proud to continue to grow the Ecosystem and incorporate new systems that help further the effort towards a networked battlefield,” says Brian Soles, director of business development for Persistent Systems.

“The Wave Relay MANET can scale and operate effectively in urban environments where the LiveSky and BigSky excel.”

By equipping its UAS with Persistent’s MANET radios, Hoverfly will improve the capabilities of its offerings in dense urban environments. Thanks to their tethered capability, the LiveSky and the BigSky can reach above tall buildings to spread the network farther, which provides the warfighter with real-time situational awareness for quick, in-the-moment tactical decisions.

“As the Army is working towards networking the battlefield, the addition of the Wave Relay MANET to our tethered drones enhances capabilities for communications, ISR, rogue reconnaissance, and security,” comments Rob Topping, CEO of Hoverfly. “This integration provides a much-needed communication link that enables a wholly networked solution.”

Hoverfly’s UAS operate at altitudes of 200 feet above the ground, where a tether cable provides continuous power and high speed ethernet connectivity. The companies note that Hoverfly's UAS equipped with the Embedded Module will allow users to benefit from the range and performance that the MANET can deliver in this “unobstructed, advantaged location” for miles of connectivity.