Parrot, DroneLogbook partner to provide enhanced flight data tracking to Parrot's UAS

Parrot has partnered with DroneLogbook, a flight logging service that provides secure data storage, which will result in the addition of enhanced flight data tracking to Parrot's ANAFI drone.

With this enhanced flight data tracking, pilots will be able to keep track of their equipment’s performance, schedule necessary maintenance, and record and report all pertinent information to comply with FAA regulation.

Using the aerial insights provided by Parrot’s ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal drones, professionals gain “new vantage points” to make informed decisions with higher precision and efficiency, Parrot notes.

“Our partnership with DroneLogbook is positioned to significantly streamline the various processes and reports that are required from many of our enterprise ANAFI users maintaining large fleets— fulfilling a customer demand for a complete enterprise-grade flight logging solution,” says Jerome Bouvard, director of Strategic Partnership of Parrot.

Accessible through online software and mobile apps, DroneLogbook’s software allows pilots to automatically record crucial flight data such as flight time, GPS and weather conditions. DroneLogbook tracks all UAS operations, which allows reports to be created in just seconds. 

A native integration in the Parrot flying app will allow ANAFI users to synchronize all their flight data automatically and seamlessly on DroneLogbook servers directly from the FreeFlight 6 application, as soon as the drone has landed.

According to Parrot, the “one-stop-shop” platform is expected to “vastly improve” return on investment for commercial drone operators and reduce data processing time to help streamline necessary processes such as compliance reporting, mission planning and drone inspection.

“This integration with Parrot provides the DroneLogbook ecosystem with another industry leading drone manufacturer to support commercial drone operations,” says Yves Jusot, CEO & co-founder.

“The depth of this integration results in one of the easiest, most efficient compliance workflows in the industry, greatly improving ROI.”