ParaZero releases SafeAir Phantom System to facilitate UAS flights over people



ParaZero Technologies Ltd has announced the release of the SafeAir Phantom System to the market for sale on its website.

Described as a smart parachute system, the SafeAir Phantom System, which is ASTM compliant, monitors UAS flight in real time, identifies critical failures, and autonomously triggers a parachute, a flight termination system and an audio-warning buzzer.

​Over the last year and a half, ParaZero has worked with several entities including the FAA and DJI to create a standard for small UAS parachutes that would enable flight over people.

Released in Sept. 2018, the standard (ASTM F3322-18) defines the requirements for the design, manufacturing and testing of small UAS parachute systems.

ParaZero worked with the Standard Institute of Israel (SII) in Dec. 2018 to complete the process with a series of 45 aerial deployments to test and prove the reliability and effectiveness of the system. ParaZero notes that based on the measured descent rate, a DJI Phantom 4 UAS equipped with a SafeAir Phantom is expected to meet the requirements for flight over people in the FAA’s recently published draft rule.

“Development and compliance with ASTM standard is at the core of ParaZero’s vision,” says Eden Attias, CEO of ParaZero.

“To comply with the standard, we pushed the system to its limit and tested every imaginable failure scenario. The systems and compliance data are now available for purchase and use in waiver applications. We intend to continue expanding the safe and legal flight envelope of UAS operators by testing and certifying our safety systems for other DJI platforms already on the market.”

The certificate of compliance, including the SII testing validation report, are important parts of a waiver application, ParaZero notes. They will both facilitate UAS operators being able to expand their use of Phantom 4 UAS for more efficient operations in areas that were previously restricted, the company adds.

“DJI is pleased that its drones are increasingly being used as a platform for safety solutions in advanced operations, such as flight over people,” says Brendan Schulman, DJI vice president of Policy & Legal Affairs.

“As regulators worldwide develop the framework for beneficial drone uses, DJI drones, using innovative solutions from companies like ParaZero, are positioned to expand the scope of vital applications such as search and rescue, newsgathering, and public safety.”