Ontario launches Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network



Ontario, Canada has launched its Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN), which is located in Stratford, Ontario.

Among its many features, which include a Research and Development Partnership Fund, a Talent Development Program and a Central Hub, AVIN has a demonstration zone that is described as “among the first of its kind in Canada.” The demonstration zone will serve as a space for researchers to hone connected and autonomous vehicle (C/AV) technology, and test these vehicles in various every day, real-life traffic scenarios.

Premier Kathleen Wynne officially opened the AVIN Demonstration Zone on Nov. 8, and she thinks very highly about the future of this technology not only in Ontario, but across the globe.

“AV technology is advancing at an incredible pace. There’s no doubt that the cars of the future will soon be our reality in Ontario and around the world,” Wynne says.

“We have an opportunity to make sure our province is a global leader in this revolution, continuing to draw C/AV investment and jobs to Ontario with our highly skilled workforce. By drawing from our province’s tremendous pool of talent, we are bringing together academia and industry to develop the next generation of transportation technology — all right here in Ontario.”

Ontario is partnering with Ontario Centres of Excellence in AVIN. Industry and academia will be brought together through this partnership, so that they can capitalize on the economic opportunities of C/AV, while developing the emerging technology and infrastructure.

As North America's top vehicle-producing jurisdiction, Ontario is in a prime position to lead in C/AV technologies, and subsequently attract the investments and jobs related to those technologies. Also, in North America, only California is ahead of Ontario for information and communications technology companies.

“Ontario is a global leader when it comes to research and innovation, especially in areas fundamental to the next generation of vehicles, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and cloud computing,” comments Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science.

“The newly created Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network brings these attributes together so Ontario can continue to lead as we create the transportation solutions of tomorrow.”

AVIN will have plenty of support from Ontario's government, as over five years, the government will invest $80 million in AVIN.

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