Ocean Infinity orders five Kongsberg Maritime HUGIN AUVs



Ocean Infinity has placed three separate orders for a total of five Kongsberg Maritime HUGIN AUVs, which will increase the company’s inventory to 15.

According to Kongsberg, the AUVs are equipped with the latest generation Kongsberg Maritime HISAS 1032 synthetic aperture sonar, which gives Ocean Infinity a total of six HUGIN AUVs in its fleet that have the ability to deliver high resolution imaging.

“We are pleased to continue to support Ocean Infinity’s operations and value the confidence placed in the HUGIN AUV,” comments Thomas Nygaard, vice president Marine Robotics, Kongsberg Maritime.

“The capabilities of our Marine Robotics department continue to grow, and complex multiple vehicle operations in ultra-deep water by Ocean Infinity drives that process to push the boundaries of what is possible.”

According to Kongsberg, HISAS generates high resolution range independent imagery, as well as full swath bathymetry. Combined with the other sensors on board, the HUGIN AUVs produce an “unrivalled data set,” Kongsberg says, which includes HISAS imagery and bathymetry, EM2040 bathymetry, sub-bottom profiler data and color photographs.

“The HUGIN AUV is at the heart our strategy and this further order, which takes our fleet to 15 in total, reflects our clients’ appetite for high quality, highly efficient and highly cost effective outcomes which legacy technologies simply cannot deliver,” says Oliver Plunkett, chief executive office of Ocean Infinity Ltd.