NUAIR and Measure partner on efforts to safely integrate UAS into national airspace system



The Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR) has signed a collaboration agreement with aerial intelligence company Measure.

In support of NUAIR’s mission to safely integrate UAS into the national airspace system, Measure will work with NUAIR to bring its commercial operations to the region.

NUAIR and Measure say that their partnership will enhance commercial support inspections, public operations and consulting capabilities at the New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport.

“Measure is joining a cohort of world-class companies with capabilities that include surveillance, remote identification, UTM certification, operations center integration and control; and who are focused on developing the New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport into a global-use facility,” says Major General Marke F. “Hoot” Gibson (ret), chief executive officer of the NUAIR Alliance.

“This region is leading the industry and attracting partners from across the globe due to investments being made by New York state. We look forward to working with Measure to deploy their industry-leading operational platforms to take our capabilities to a new level.”

NUAIR notes that Measure’s comprehensive software technology, specialized data engineering team, and highly skilled flight operations will help it advance its test site, which will help make it safer and easier to operate UAS, automate data capture and workflows, and manage thousands of flights. 

“Across thousands of commercial flight operations in a range of industries, Measure has worked hard to perfect UAS operational procedures that maximize safety and value for our customers,” says Brandon Torres Declet, co-founder and CEO of Measure.

“We are very excited to share these learnings and offer our unique perspective with NUAIR and partner organizations to advance the further integration of UAS into the national airspace system.”

Having already begun its work with NUAIR, Measure will establish on-site operations in May. Currently, Measure provides full-service inspections, UAS data analysis, training, and software for corporate clients covering a wide range of applications.

NUAIR will support Measure with their commercial integration efforts in Central New York. It will do this by connecting Measure with local businesses, especially utility companies that are interested in starting UAS operations in the region.

​Together, NUAIR and Measure will work to establish relationships, and facilitate business development and growth in the area.