Northwest UAV partners with Embention to offer Veronte Autopilot to unmanned industry



Northwest UAV has announced that it has partnered with Embention to offer what it calls the “most advanced and user-friendly avionics systems” in the industry.

According to Northwest UAV, Embention's Veronte Autopilot is the pilot’s choice for advanced professional UAS and Unmanned Vehicle Control, making the Veronte Autopilots an ideal addition to Northwest UAV’s growing list of product offerings.

“We are very selective about the companies and components that we endorse, and even more selective about what we distribute,” says Jeff Ratcliffe, NWUAV chief technical officer.

“We are putting our name behind the products we are distributing and the companies that make them, and our customers and their end users can feel confident putting their trust in us.”

Northwest UAV says that the Veronte Autopilots join the “broad spectrum of modular building block products” that the company offers to the unmanned industry, which includes products that are developed in house, as well as those developed by other companies.

Northwest UAV describes the Veronte Autopilots as a family of “high-reliability avionics, communications, and ground control systems” for real-time adaptive control of unmanned vehicle systems, which not only includes UAS, but USVs and UGVs as well.

The Veronte Autopilot offers automatic adaptability to changing conditions, such as actuator failure or mass changes, and compatibility with a number of different sensors to provide autonomous sense-and-avoid capabilities.

Other features include satellite and 4G connectivity for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM). Control modes include fully automatic, full manual, assisted manual and combined; all of which are selectable at any time during flight.

Veronte systems are DO-254 and DO-178/ED-12 compliant, which simplifies the path for aviation certification.