NEVS and Phantom Auto partner to safely deploy electronic autonomous vehicles



In an effort to ensure “safe deployment of electric autonomous vehicles,” Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer NEVS has announced a collaboration with Phantom Auto, which provides teleoperation safety technology for autonomous vehicles (AVs).

Formerly Saab Automobile, NEVS will utilize Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety technology to ensure the “optimally safe and efficient deployment” of its electric AVs across the globe.

“Our AVs must be able to drive from any point A to any point B, which means driving through all edge cases they experience on the road, such as inclement weather, road work, and any other road obstructions,” explains Stefan Tilk, CEO of NEVS.

“Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety technology ensures that passengers in our vehicles can safely and efficiently drive through any edge case, and that’s why I am excited and proud to call them NEVS’ partner.”

Based in Silicon Valley, Phantom Auto enables a remote human operator to drive an AV when the vehicle runs into a situation that it is incapable of handling on its own, ultimately allowing for the safe and rapid deployment of AVs, the companies say.  

With NEVS “shaping mobility for a more sustainable future” with its global portfolio of electric AVs, the companies are looking to set the bar for safety in AV deployments.

“It is vitally important that lifesaving AVs get deployed rapidly and at scale, but it is imperative that they are deployed in an optimally safe manner,” says Shai Magzimof, CEO of Phantom Auto.

“By using Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety technology, NEVS’ electric AVs will have a remote operator in the loop who can take over control if necessary, thus ensuring the safest possible experience for passengers in their vehicles.” 

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