NAVYA unveils AUTONOM CAB, the company's fully autonomous taxi



Navya has unveiled its AUTONOM CAB, which is an autonomous, personalized and shared vehicle designed to address the “major challenges urban populations face traveling in and around cities.”

The AUTONOM CAB is equipped with extremely sophisticated multi-sensor technology, with no fewer than 10 Lidar sensors, six cameras, four radars, two GNSS antennae and one inertial measurement unit (IMU). Navya says that these sensors provide “at least a triple redundancy across all functions,” which guarantees exceptional reliability.

The AUTONOM CAB’s on-board computer is capable of “constantly merging data received by the sensor architecture.” Its intelligence is based on high performance steering and detection systems that combine various cutting-edge technologies, which allows the vehicle to move around efficiently and safely, as it makes the most appropriate decisions instantly.

With more and more people not owning their driver’s license, or their own car, Navya CEO Christophe Sapet believes that the AUTONOM CAB will be an ideal mobility option in the near future.

“Imagine what cities would be like if there were nothing but AUTONOMS running on the road. No more traffic jams or parking problems, fewer accidents and less pollution,” Sapet says.

“AUTONOM CAB is leading edge and will revolutionize both habits and technology, enabling a great many people to gain access to a brandnew mobility solution.”

Capable of carrying up to six passengers, the electric-powered AUTONOM CAB, which will be available as either a private or shared service, is expected to provide an “intelligent transport service for individual trips in urban centers,” in an effort to ultimately bring the concept of smart cities closer to reality.

With no cockpit, steering wheel or pedals, and with a colored light band that communicates with its passengers as well as pedestrians, the AUTONOM CAB was designed from the beginning to be autonomous. It is capable of reaching speeds up to 55 mph, but being that it will be operating primarily in urban areas, it will typically average closer to 30 mph, so that it abides with local speed limits.

Users will be able to order an AUTONOM CAB with a simple click, using the Navya App. The app will also allow users to open and close the vehicle’s door to start it up. To ensure that users arrive to their destinations even in the event of unpredictable traffic, the vehicle will also be able to pre-empt traffic jams.

Navya has formed partnerships with transport specialists in the United States, Europe and Australia. The company plans on the AUTONOM CAB beginning service in the second quarter of 2018.