Milrem Robotics developing firefighting and search and rescue UGV



Milrem Robotics is developing a firefighting and search and rescue UGV called Multiscope Rescue.

The UGV, which is being developed together with rescue services, is built to reach areas that are unreachable by human personnel or too dangerous for firefighters to go into, such as tunnels or other structures that may collapse at any time.

The UGV can be equipped with firefighting equipment such as a water tank and a remotely controlled water cannon. It can also be equipped with thermal cameras and powerful lights to locate missing people in harsh environments or remote forested areas.

“Innovative technologies make it possible to not only keep humans away from dangerous places but to relieve them from doing dull and dirty jobs,” says Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics.

“Multiscope Rescue is one of the first commercial UGVs from many others to follow, since we are starting to focus more and more on the commercial markets.”

Väärsi adds that the collaboration with Estonian Rescue Board has “great significance and value for the company to develop new user-friendly unmanned and autonomous products.”

“It’s an excellent innovation project, where the experience and needs of the rescue field come together with product development by Milrem Robotics,” says Martin Lambing, head of the rescue department of the Estonian Rescue Board.

“This kind of modern technology will allow rescuers to do their work more quickly and easily in rescue operations without putting themselves at risk. I can see rescue services of different countries implementing this kind of technology in the future.”

Multiscope Rescue has been developed using the knowledge gained from designing and manufacturing Milrem Robotics’ defense-oriented THeMIS UGV.

Multiscope Rescue has all of the “high technical capabilities” of the THeMIS UGV, including a payload of 750 kilograms, a diesel-electric drive and the ability to pass through difficult terrains.

Milrem Robotics says that the commercial Multiscope UGV is also being developed for agriculture and mining, as well.