Measure to provide UAS services for arts and entertainment industry through new division



Measure, which provides UAS services for enterprise customers, has announced its new division called Measure Media (M2), which will be used to service the arts and entertainment industry.

M2 operates the first nationwide network of full-time UAS pilots that specialize in fulfilling the airborne storytelling needs of small screen and big screen projects alike.

During its first two months, M2 operated in stealth mode, but it has already worked with a wide range of customers, including pop star Rihanna, and television networks ABC and CBS.

“Drones have become as indispensable in today's media environment as tripods and microphones, whether for creating visual special effects in big-budget films, producing cutting-edge brand campaigns or delivering other high-impact visuals that were impossible before the use of remote-controlled aircraft,” says Jon Ollwerther, VP for M2.

The former COO of UAS services provider Aerobo, Ollwerther adds, “M2 was formed by creatives for creatives to bring each customer's vision to the screen.”

Ollwerther is one member of M2’s leadership team, with the other members being Eric Austin, Greg Ramey, and Nirel Levi. All the members bring their own unique experience to the table.

Austin’s Helivideo Productions, which supplies low-altitude aerial video for web, television and film, was acquired by M2, something that Measure describes as a “key building block of the M2 business.”

Ramey is the former senior operations director for BLADE, which acts as an indirect air carrier for public charter flights from New York to Miami, while Levi is a former consultant at a UK-incorporated multinational professional services firm called Deloitte & Touche. 

M2’s exclusive focus is on supplying professional UAS filming services for both broadcast and recorded sports, live concerts, television, film and commercials, and it also provides “dynamic, high-quality aerial visuals” for brand marketing, 3D mapping, and virtual reality needs.

Through the services offered by M2, customers in arts and entertainment have a “coast-to-coast, Hollywood-caliber” alternative to small UAS operators that only work within their own local markets.

The nationwide coverage provided by M2 allows customers to work with a single provider in any area where they need aerial footage.

Measure plays an integral role in operations, as the company helps efficiently navigate the difficult regulatory landscape, and “provides the protection of the market's strongest liability insurance coverage.”

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