Measure announces new franchise location in Denver area



According to Unmanned Aerial Online, Measure, which provides UAS services for enterprise customers, has announced a new franchise location in Castle Rock, Colorado, which is in the Denver area.

The Castle Rock office will use UAS to provide infrastructure inspection services for businesses in the metropolitan area.

“Denver is an exceptionally strong market for Measure’s drone services. With its large telecommunications industry, the 23 percent jump in construction project value from 2015 to 2016 and the 70 percent increase in Colorado solar capacity in 2016, along with Colorado’s renewable energy mandate, there are scores of local businesses that can benefit by switching from manned inspections to aerial imaging,” explains Measure Denver’s president, CEO and co-owner, Jason Hatt.

“By working with us, they can take advantage of drone technology without the time, expense and experienced personnel required to manage their own drone programs.”

Dan Rothfeld, Measure’s senior vice president of franchising, echoes Hatt’s comments, saying, “we have built Measure’s business in part by creating a nationwide network of drone pilots for enterprise clients, but having a presence in major metropolitan areas like Denver is essential for providing service at the local level.”

The Castle Rock franchise will initially focus on the construction, telecommunications and renewable energy sectors. Measure provides a variety of services for the construction industry using UAS, including pre-construction surveys of new sites, monitoring of construction progress, and stockpile and earthworks measurements.

Measure also uses UAS to inspect cell tower structures and wireless carrier equipment, and the UAS are also used to detect malfunctioning, damaged or improperly installed solar photovoltaic panels.

Just a few months ago, Measure announced its first franchise location in Springfield, Illinois. The Springfield franchise mainly focuses on the telecommunications, construction, energy and agriculture sectors, but applications in other areas such as commercial real estate, insurance, media and disaster response are also available.