Mannarino Systems & Software announces first flight for its real-time operating system

Mannarino Systems & Software Inc. (Mannarino) of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has announced the first successful flight for its proprietary real-time operating system, M-RTOS, which was installed on a remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) controlled by MicroPilot.

Launched back in July, M-RTOS is a modular, flexible and affordable operating system designed for a wide range of aerospace applications, from Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) electronic hardware to federated LRU (LineReplaceable Unit) aircraft systems, to IMA (Integrated Modular Avionics) platforms.

Described as a “revolutionary software offering,” M-RTOS was developed to minimize memory and timing usage. Capable of running on microprocessors incorporating memory protection, M-RTOS guarantees robust spatial and temporal partitioning.

Designed to outperform the competition on all key benchmarks, M-RTOS has a “clean-sheet” design that eliminates the need to support legacy interfaces, code or configuration files. M-RTOS is fully compliant with ARINC-653, the industry standard for operating systems, and it is also RTCA/DO-178C certifiable to any Design Assurance Level (DAL).

“M-RTOS was crafted by aerospace engineers for aerospace application developers. Integrated with M-RTOS, the MANNARINO Workbench is an innovative development environment that simplifies teamwork and collaboration and maximizes efficiency,” explains Nicolas Ulysse, chief software engineer.  

One of the standout characteristics of M-RTOS is its affordable pricing structure, as customers can optimize technology choices across their product portfolio thanks to pricing based on microprocessor rather than end-use product. Features and DAL can be tailored for individual software and technical requirements and budget constraints. The purchase is facilitated by flexible commercial terms, simplified licensing and a subscription-based approach.

“Memory and timing improvements of more than 50% relative to market leaders enable users to build larger and more powerful applications,” says John Mannarino, president.

“In addition, M-RTOS offers significant savings in the cost of ownership – at least 50% to 70% depending on the required DAL.” 

When integrated onto the RPAS controlled by MicroPilot, M-RTOS demonstrated seamless execution of functions between autopilot partitions and signals between the autopilot and aircraft sensors. The M-RTOS-equipped autopilot was in full control of the aircraft.

“The project progress with first flight validates our selection of MANNARINO for M-RTOS and as a value-added partner for certification services and support,” says Howard W. Loewen, president of MicroPilot.

“MANNARINO brings the full package of certifiable products and unprecedented service we were looking for in the development of our next-generation autopilot products.”

With this flight test milestone, MicroPilot, which was the first company to purchase M-RTOS just days after its launch in July, will be able to begin delivery of its suite of next-generation certified autopilot systems by early 2021. Mannarino says that MicroPilot selected M-RTOS for several reasons, including to leverage robust partitioning to reduce the cost and risks of certification, and to respond promptly to customers’ requirements for new features without impacting the autopilot core software.

“The first flight milestone is pivotal. It confirms the utility and value of our operating system for remotely piloted aircraft,” Mannarino says.

“Coupled with our services and certification capabilities, OEMs in the RPAS market have the option of a one-stop shop that can address development and certification needs and reduce costs and risk.”

For more information about this announcement, tune into the Mannarino Systems press conference, scheduled for 11:00am EDT on Monday, Oct. 5, where you can hear from the Presidents of Mannarino Systems, MicroPilot Inc., Investissement Quebec International, and CRIAQ, as they review this new technology and discuss future uses.

Throughout the week, Mannarino will also hold several webinars on various topics. On Tuesday, Oct. 6, the company will host a webinar titled “Regulatory Framework for UAVs - How certification may impact the RPAS industry.” On Wednesday, Oct. 7, it will host a webinar called “Software Partitioning as a Flexible, Safe & Cost Effective Path to Certification.” And on Thursday, Oct. 8, it will host a webinar called “M-RTOS - MANNARINO Workbench Demonstration.” All webinars will take place from 9:45 am to 10:30 am EDT.