Logos Technologies becomes preferred provider of WAMI sensors for Insitu's UAS



Logos Technologies will become the preferred provider of wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) sensors for Insitu’s line of UAS, thanks to a recently finalized memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two companies.

Developed for the payload bay of the Insitu Integrator tactical UAS, Logos Technologies’ RedKite-I WAMI sensor is an official Insitu product offering for U.S. and international customers.

“By adding the RedKite-I WAMI system as a payload on their platform, Insitu now gives their users the unprecedented capability to detect and track multiple targets across a city-sized area,” says John Marion, president of Logos Technologies.

“Not only does this support real-time operations, it also helps analysts uncover hidden relationships between people, places, and events within the scene.”

The RedKite-I WAMI sensor for the Insitu Integrator has a number of capabilities, including its ability to operate a 50-plus megapixel electro-optical camera; its ability to stream real-time imagery to mobile devices on the ground; and its ability to record up to eight hours of imagery onboard for real-time forensic analysis.

Thanks to the new MOU, Logos will be able to leverage its previous work with RedKite-I and other WAMI systems to develop even more sensor payloads for the Integrator as a priority.

“We are always working to deliver powerful and versatile systems in ever smaller, more compact packages,” Marion says. “Right now, we are finalizing development of an infrared WAMI system similar in size to the RedKite-I, for night operations.”

​These new systems will be available for international markets and customers.