Kittyhawk adds new features to its Flight Deck platform for UAS



During CES 2018, commercial UAS operations software provider Kittyhawk announced new features to its Flight Deck platform, including the addition of an automated flight system to Flight Deck, which will work in conjunction with the company's recently released secure live streaming feature.

Using the new automation features, operators can plan missions in the Kittyhawk mobile application, and then execute the entire flight, from takeoff to landing, with unlimited waypoints.

In an effort to create a safe and useful user experience, the Kittyhawk app has incorporated safety features to make sure that operators are not able to initiate an automated flight to a place beyond the range of the radio and UAS (so an operator would not be able to launch a mission in one state when they're currently in another state). Using the geolocation of the operator, the Kittyhawk software only shows flights that are possible to complete, which helps avoid mistakes that could potentially be both dangerous and expensive.

“Enterprise customers are constantly asking the Kittyhawk platform to do more and more across the entire workflow,” says Jon Hegranes, Co-Founder and CEO of Kittyhawk.

“The addition of automated flights coupled with encrypted live audio and video streaming further validates our industry-leading market share.”

Kittyhawk says that working in concurrence with select enterprise customers, the Kittyhawk automated flight system is the ideal complement to the company’s recently released multi-channel secure live video and audio streaming feature.

This technology would allow a law enforcement customer to set the UAS to fly the perimeter of a scene, and their entire team could securely access a video feed straight from their mobile devices, allowing the team to, in real time, provide audio feedback to the operator.  

Another application would be a filmmaker being able to set a path perfectly parallel to a bridge so that they could capture the perfect shot with “an absolutely consistent speed and altitude.”

“Automated flights are the first step in an exciting roadmap of new features for the enterprise team in 2018,” says Josh Ziering, Co-Founder and Chief Pilot.

“We’ve been working closely with our industry-leading enterprise customers to really understand their challenges and we are excited about the solutions Kittyhawk is delivering to them.”