Involi, AirMap developing pre-integrated UTM and Air Traffic Awareness platform



Involi, a provider of air traffic data for UAS, is partnering with AirMap to develop a pre-integrated UTM and Air Traffic Awareness platform for safe, efficient, and scalable UAS operations.

By combining its low-altitude air traffic data service with AirMap’s drone traffic management platform, Involi says that the companies can facilitate safe, complex, and autonomous UAS applications such as drone delivery, large-scale agriculture support, surveying and mapping.

“It was a natural progression for Involi and AirMap to formalize their ongoing technical integration,” says Involi CEO and co-founder Manu Lubrano.

“We are working toward the common goal of automating drone flights and enabling exciting advanced drone applications that offer tremendous economic potential and represent the future of transportation. Joining forces helps bring this future one step closer.”

Involi and AirMap’s integrated platform provides UAS pilots, authorities, and enterprise customers with a suite of UAS management and flight awareness technologies and services. With AirMap’s UAS Traffic Management (UTM) Platform and UAS Service Provider (USP) capabilities, airspace authorities can provide safety-critical services to UAS operators, as well as others operating in low-altitude airspace.

Involi, a UTM Supplemental Data & Service Provider (SDSP), notes that its stream of low-altitude air traffic data is combined with other traffic data inputs within the AirMap UTM Platform, providing a complete visualization of real-time air traffic. This traffic data is collected through Involi’s network of detection devices affixed to cell towers and other existing ground infrastructure.

Aircraft identification signals such as ADS-B, FLARM, and other transponders are captured using Involi’s technology, providing a comprehensive air traffic awareness. This is important for ensuring safe separation and deconfliction between UAS operations and helicopters, gliders, and other low-altitude manned aircraft.

“Through this collaboration, AirMap and Involi offer a comprehensive UTM solution that incorporates real-time data from aircraft operating in low-altitude airspace using ADS-B and other identification technology,” says AirMap CTO Andreas Lamprecht.

“Involi’s airspace data will further enhance situational awareness within the AirMap UTM Platform.”