InstantEye Robotics receives order for 800 of its InstantEye Mk-2 GEN3-A0 sUAS systems



InstantEye Robotics has received an order from the Navy and Marine Corps Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program Office (PMA-263) for 800 of its InstantEye Mk-2 GEN3-A0 sUAS systems.

The systems delivered under this contract will provide organic surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, in support of deployed Marine infantry squads.

“We are excited that InstantEye has been selected by the Marines as their squad-level sUAS asset,” says Tom Vaneck, Vice President of InstantEye Robotics.

“We worked with the Navy and the Marines for some time as they tested and evaluated the system. Their early feedback helped refine the system and ultimately has made it a better product.”

The InstantEye family of products includes several systems, such as the largest system, the Mk-2 GEN4, which can carry payloads up to 4 pounds; the mid-sized, highly agile Mk-2 GEN3, which can carry payloads up to 1.5 pounds; and the palm-sized, highly integrated Mk-2 GEN5, which has “advanced vehicle-borne computer processing power that will allow the system to adapt to future capability needs.”

According to InstantEye, all of its systems are “all-weather, day/night systems that are affordable, rugged and easy to operate.” The systems are also capable of “interfacing with external payloads that are attached based on mission needs.”

“Our growing list of plug-and-play payloads make the InstantEye family of systems truly multi-mission,” comments Mike Mackiewicz, Director of Defense Technology Operations.

“As threats or operational needs evolve, so do our payloads – InstantEye is an organic enabler that allows a Marine or Sailor to control ISR effects at the tactical edge.”