Industrial SkyWorks launches BlueVu for digital inspections from drone-data



Industrial SkyWorks has launched BlueVu for digital inspections from drone-data.
According to Industrial SkyWorks, BlueVu software eliminates the need for engineers and UAS pilots to examine thousands of images, while also providing clear, accurate, professional looking reports.

Some of BlueVu’s other key capabilities include project management function support, efficient tracking and control of inspection workflows, and anomaly identification and measurement.

“Today's drone inspections tools allow users to visually detect a problem, but BlueVu allows for a greater understanding of the asset problems by enabling the User to measure at inspection grade accuracy, directly within 2D photographs,” explains Industrial Skyworks' CEO Michael Cohen.

“Now, knowing the location, size and severity of problems is possible!”

Industrial SkyWorks says that the UAS inspection technology that it provides allows businesses throughout North America and the Caribbean Islands to review their UAS data and perform inspections from their desktops.

This technology allows users to conduct UAS inspections safely and identify problems early, without spending a lot of time or money.