Hydroid teams with industry partners to demonstrate latest UUV capabilities during ANTX 2017



In August, during an advanced naval technology exercise known as ANTX in Newport, Rhode Island, Hydroid, Inc., L3 Aerospace Systems, Sparton Corporation and AeroVironment, Inc. collaborated to demonstrate the latest UUV capabilities of the Hydroid REMUS 600 UUV through a threat mission scenario conducted in the water.

The UUV was equipped with L3’s Rio Nino signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection payload, as well as a Sparton Hammerhead canister that contained an AeroVironment Blackwing UAV, which was launched during the exercise.

According to Hydroid, the fully-integrated vehicle demonstrated the “clandestine insertion of above water intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR),” which includes the collection of information in real-time, and launching a UAV covertly from depth. 

“ANTX is an excellent opportunity for companies like ours to demonstrate the latest concepts and capabilities. With our partners, we were able to prove that UUVs are cross domain systems,” says Tom Reynolds, Hydroid’s vice president of U.S. Government Business.

“These technologies were very easy to integrate and we look forward to building on what we have learned from this demonstration.”