Global UAV's Procyon 800E UAS successfully takes off and lands from a moving off-road vehicle



Using one of its research and development UAS from NOVAerial Robotics Inc., Global UAV Technologies Ltd., along with Planck Aerosystems Inc., successfully performed a fully autonomous landing and takeoff from a moving off-road vehicle.

The companies were able to accomplish the precision landing and takeoffs thanks to Planck integrating its precision flight control software technology into the Procyon 800E UAS. The software enables the UAS to autonomously take off and land from moving vehicles and marine vessels of various sizes.

“The Global UAV Procyon is a powerful platform for a variety of use-cases on its own, but with the integration of Planck’s autonomy software, it has become a game-changing asset for operators in the off-road and offshore environment,” explains Josh Wells, CEO, Planck Aerosystems, Inc.

“Global UAV continues to push the envelope of single-rotor UAV technology, and we’re glad to be a part of that effort here at Planck.”

Considered a first for a single rotor helicopter platform of this type, this specialized landing and takeoff ability provides a “real world helicopter surveillance and response capability” to a variety of small vehicle and small vessel users including Coast Guards, border patrol, disaster response, environmental monitoring and search and rescue operations.

Thanks to its high speed, high wind tolerance, superior payload capacity and endurance compared to multicopter UAS, the Procyon 800E is well equipped for takeoff and landings from moving vehicles and maritime vessels.

“The integration of Planck Aerosystems’ technology will help position our UAV products as the best in class for fully automated landing and takeoff operations from moving ships and vehicles,” says Michael Burns, CEO, Global UAV Technologies Ltd.

“The market opportunities for drones that can operate from small ships and vehicles are large and currently underserved. They include public safety and security, government and industrial applications.”