Global defense company selects RADA's Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar to support UAS operations



After conducting an in-depth survey of relevant radar technologies, a leading global defense company has selected the extended version of RADA Electronic Industries Ltd.'s (RADA) Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar (ieMHR) to support its industrial UAS operations.

The ieMHR supports UAS operations by creating safe flight zones when the UAS is applied for surveillance and security missions, which could include, for example, the surveillance of critical infrastructure such as energy production facilities.

“We are proud to have been selected once again by a leading global defense company for highly advanced applications of our radar technology,” says Dov Sella, RADA’s CEO.

“This is the first purchase of our AESA, software-defined radars, for use in an industrial application, demonstrating the advantage and versatility of our radar family in a wide variety of use cases, both civilian as well as military.”

RADA says that the ieMHR will perform aerial surveillance, detection and tracking of “every type of aerial activity in the designated regions,” providing UAS operators with real-time information, and ultimately making sure that maximal security and safety is achieved within the protected area.

In an effort to create a broad site situational awareness sensor suite, and ensure the safe operation of UAS in concurrence with other aerial traffic, the ieMHR will be integrated with additional sensors as well.