Geomni launches UAS service for property inspections



Geomni, which is a Verisk Analytics business that is centered around an “address- and location-based database of property-related analytics,” has announced a new service in which customers can dispatch a licensed, qualified UAS pilot to collect imagery and data about a structure.

Using the data collected during the UAS inspection, a Geomni Property data package is created. The package includes “ultrahigh-resolution imagery and 3D exterior roof and wall details that fully integrate with North America’s most widely used repair estimating system.”

The data collected during the inspection augments the data available from Geomni’s expansive database of imagery collected across the country by the company’s fleet of aircraft.

“The new UAV inspection service helps a wide range of property professionals fill some key needs, while still delivering the important dimensions and property detail found in all Geomni Property data packages,” says Geomni’s president, Jeffrey C. Taylor.

“The UAV inspection shows ‘at the moment’ conditions, such as damage on a very steep or unsafe roof. It can provide information for roofs with materials that are easily damaged when walked on. And our ultrahigh-resolution imagery can be used to determine the scope of damages—plus many more uses that help provide information to ensure the safety of those working at the site.”

The Geomni Property data package offers three types of data collection for imagery and property information to customers, including “Geomni’s comprehensive database of property-specific imagery and data collected continuously by its fleet of aircraft; Geomni’s post-catastrophe flight imagery and data that shows damage to buildings caused by the catastrophic event; and imagery and data collected from a UAV using Geomni technology to collect, analyze, and process the data.”

​If access to a property is immediately available for the UAS inspection, it is possible for the full package—which includes detailed data, images, and a report—to be delivered in less than 72 hours.

A wide variety of entities that work with property, such as architects, appraisers, and inspectors, can utilize the data collected through Geomni's new service.